Tikog Grass

Tikog is a grassy plant which grows in aquatic or grassy areas. It is harvested and formed into mats. These mats are characteristic of the Luson region of the Philippines. They are made into thincker mats for sleeping all the way to finer thinner mats for products such as the handbags we have imported.


Tikog is a grass with triangular stem that grows in swampy areas. The grass is harvested, dried, and woven into mats which are then crafted into functional products like bags, wallets and accessories. The city of Basey is the current record holder of The World's Longest Mat made from Tikog grass in Guinness Book of World Records.


Tikog has firm triangular stems and reaches up to three meters with width ranges from the optimum 1/8 inch to 1/4 inch. Its stems are cut according to the desired length and dried under the sun. Some stems are dyed to desired color and dried again. Tikog is an aquatic plant. It is a perennial. Leaves are arrow-shaped, 4 to 10 inches long. It has groups of 3 to 5 stems (whorls) with 3 to 5 flowers on each. The flowers are each 0.4 to 1 inches in diameter. Petals are white, with yellow center.